Sunday, August 10, 2014

Field Zoology Itinerary: South Jersey 8/11-8/12

Goal of the trip

To date, we have only seen habitats of the Appalachian highlands. This week we will travel to the Upper and Lower Coastal Plains and travel through the Piedmont Region of New Jersey. We will see how the soils change, the vegetation differences and what animal species are associated with these changes. We've been totally skunked on snakes and turtles so it would be nice to get a few of those.  


Leave at 3 arrive at 7, check in at Pier 4 Hotel, meet at Stratford Inn for Gem Pizza

If time, Lizard Tail Swamp Preserve 
 *herps, owls, Chuck-will's-Widow, frogs


wake up up at 6
pick up at 7
eat breakfast on the run
head down to Cape May Point State Park (the light house) 1 hr
 * songbirds, hawks, shorebirds, ducks
head up to Wetland Institute  1 hr
 * waterbirds (egrets, herons, rails)
 * fiddler crabs, terrapins 
head to Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge 3 hr
 * shorebirds, rails
 * no-see-ums, green-heads
lunch on the run
Lake Oswego (Lake Oswego Road) 45 min
 * White cedar swamp, songbirds, herps
Webbs Mill Bog
 * White cedar bog, herps, songbirds, carnivorous plants
Hot Dog Johnny's for dinner
If time (and it's open), Pequest Fish Hatchery 
Return home

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