Thursday, August 21, 2014

I am disgusted when I hear Spanish in the States...

I am disgusted because I have trouble understanding. Being multilingual is a mark of an intelligent human with a liberal arts education - which I have. The more languages you know, the smarter you are considered (and probably are). I had two years of Spanish in high school, I've spent time in Mexico and Costa Rica, I have Mexican and Hispanic neighbors and I can barely read a menu at a Mexican restaurant. There is great literature in Spanish, I want to do research in Latin American, and there are some great TV shows. And all lost to me. 

I don't feel more patriotic because I don't know Spanish, I just feel dumber. 

This reminds me of a good test to see if you're racist:

If you think an old woman speaking Italian or Welsh is cute but an old woman speaking Spanish is annoying - you might be racist. 

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