Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/20/2014:Dear son, get your butt in gear

 Charles Darwin

"You must see that when my fortune is divided amongst 8 of you, there cannot be enough for each to live comfortably & keep house, & those that do not work must be poor (though thank God with food enough) all their lives. You may rely on it, habits of industry at the University will make all the difference in your success in after life.."  Charles Darwin, Letter to son Willy, February 1858

You have to appreciate his honesty. Though I find it funny because, according to his autobiography, he essentially spent his time in college hunting.

Gave an overview of our department to an open house - students and parents thinking about Wilkes. I felt a bit like a used car salesmen. But I am proud of my colleagues and all that we do (with the little that we get to do it). 

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