Monday, October 13, 2014

My Year of Darwin 10/13/2014: Small vs. large areas: I think Darwin was wrong here

 Charles Darwin

"although small isolated areas probably have been in some respects highly favorable for the production of new species, yet that the course of modification will generally have been more rapid on large areas; and what is more important, that the new formed produced on large areas, which already have been victorious over many competitors, will be those that will spread most widely, will give rise to most new varieties and species, and will this play an important part in the changing history of the organic world." Charles Darwin, Origin of Species 1st edition (on Kindle)

Simulation is a wonderful thing and a program I can't find anymore, PopGen, solidified the lesson that allele frequencies change slowest in the largest populations. So I think Darwin is incorrect here. 

Ran 2.5 miles, mostly non-stop then 3 miles on elliptical. I'm spent and spaced out. 

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