Thursday, January 29, 2015

Conservation Biology Hero #3 Jane Lubchenco

When looking for Conservation Biology Heroes, I'm seeking scientists that have established themselves through their scientific contributions and that something extra. Jane Lubchenco exceeds both criteria. I knew her name from my undergraduate days at Rutgers U., taking marine science courses. Way back then, I read her classic paper in The American Naturalist ("Am Nat") on the effects of predators and competition on marine communities - now cited > 900 times.

One paper I know well and have cited in my own work is the co-authored paper in Science showing the influence of humans on the biosphere. That's now been cited, a-hem, over 6000 times (that one will be for Conservation Biology class). She has other papers that have been cited hundreds of times and are probably considered classics in marine biology. 

Most of her career has been at Oregon State University as a lowly professor. That changed  in 2009 when she took over the reigns at NOAA. It was during this time I noticed change change became a prominent issue (and rightfully so). 

Hats off to you Dr. Lubchenco! 

Here's a nice video summarizing her early research:

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