Thursday, January 1, 2015


  • get grassland project data analyzed
  • turn clay caterpillar project into a manuscript
  • finish tropical terrestrial/understory birds review
  • clay caterpillar review
  • turn 225 notes into an actual manuscript
  • line up a sabbatical (ASAP)
  • create a workshop for R
  • figure out how to create online lectures and make a few for Conservation Biology
  • learn how to code WinBUGS
  • write better -> proof more 
  • lose 30 then run
  • fewer but better cigars
  • go flyfishing often
  • scan photos of the ancestors 
  • be a better brother/father/son (by using cell phone for intended purpose)
  • work on the house
That is incredibly boring. I should put down "watch all available Helix episodes", "play >2000 games of spider solitaire", and "half listen to several hundred science podcasts"

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