Sunday, January 4, 2015

Tenure at R1's;So only super-people apply

Found this on twitter: OSU tenure requirements 

25-50 publications in 6 years. So more than 4 pubs/year if you're able to get publishing right from the get-go.  That's just depressing. 

How about teaching? I'm at a teaching university (whatever that really means since we're expected to do research for promotion) so I'm most interested in aspect. What I cut it there?

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I probably wouldn't. Shit. How many professors are hired each year then how many awards are there? Yikes. Plus, each iteration of the courses I teach my scores get lower. Yup, lower. Why? I add more, and I have higher expectations. As a think I deliver more material because I get more efficient at delivering information and conceptions, I ask more. I ask students to think more. I become less the cool professor and more the hard-ass. And I like it. But I pay for it. But I approach the profession like a craft and I learn more, for lack of a better word, tricks. Things I use to get students to understand a particular concept or gain a particular skill. Peer-reviewed papers are included in this with more pointed questions. Data that they collect and analyze is another. More work and more annoyed students. Oh well. 

But there are those people out there that can do the pubs and the teaching. Bully for them. I like beer and TV too much. 

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