Monday, February 9, 2015

Astrud Gilberto's Berimbau

When I was a kid and I or one my sisters brought home a new record it always took me a few iterations to see what songs I liked best - something you did while studying the cover and reading the lyrics. One of the downers of the digital age is the ease of getting singles so nobody ever need listen to a song until it grows on you - then you end up loving it. I think all John Prine songs are like this. 

I do appreciate Pandora and other streaming services in that they provide a venue for hearing new songs. Every once a while a song strikes you. I can't even point to why I like this song so much. A great sound of course. But there's something extra. This song pays homage to Capoeira with sounds of traditional instruments. It's all done so well. 

Capoeira is a dance-fighting originally practiced by Brazilian slaves and now practiced by smelly dread-toting Americans from middle-class families who do it terribly. These guys know capoeira:

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