Monday, February 2, 2015

Today is World Wetlands Day!

I grew up in Karrsville, NJ (not sure that's even on a map). There was a small stream that went by the house, Pohatcong Creek was just down the road, and my neighborhood had five ponds that I fished from (and not always... openly).  I loved these places but after getting into ferns - this is a real thing OK - I got into swamps. So I love wetlands of all flavors. I realize how few pictures I have of wetlands so I better step it up. 

Today we can celebrate wetlands because it is World Wetlands Day!

As cold as it is, and this boggles my mind, Ambystoma salamanders are moving into small fishless ponds and breeding - now - beneath the ice!!! How cool is that?  

Sandpipers at Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Stream running through La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Wetlands outside Williamsburg, VA

Wetland (complete with cranberries) on Wilkes property 

Great blue with flounder - Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge 

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