Thursday, March 12, 2015

Neanderthals wore bad ass jewelry!

About 130,000 years ago a non-human wore a necklace or bracelet with eagle talons. A related - but not exactly human species - gets it. There's something very cool and almost alien about another species' brain processing the thought "this is going to be bad ass." 

This is an article in PLOS One and the artifact comes from Croatia and is composed of eight talons.  Each talon has abrasion and other marks that indicate the bones were strung together. 

The talons were from White-tailed Eagles. This is no finch. White-tailed Eagles are monsters and when I see them around humans, I'm convinced they could easily take a human. Now, if this was taken from a live or dead bird cannot be determined but this is impressive and shows that the appreciation of birds goes beyond our own species in our time.

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