Saturday, March 14, 2015

Publishing agenda 2015 agenda

I'm working on two accepted manuscripts. One is the intro paper to a special issue of Biological Conservation. The other is a paper where we modeled seed removal by rodents in different habitats or different cover conditions. Hopefully done with both by the end of the weekend. That's the last of the written manuscripts. 

What's next? My tactic is to publish new and old stuff and working towards the middle. I'm done publishing my masters material so the old stuff is dissertation (diversity and urbanization). New stuff is anything from Wilkes and middle stuff is post doc (bluebirds and urbanization).

1. Review paper on tropical terrestrial insectivores 

  • I have a number of coauthors lined up and I contacted Biotropica and they welcomed the paper but they want more than just a review that would be put together as a first chapter in a dissertation but something with a central message. I was waiting until the special issue came out then reconvene and see if anything emerges. This would be my last tropical paper - unless I get back (and I better)

2. Clay caterpillar paper

  • Data was collected last fall. This would be me and about 5 students - hope to get them all on the paper. We put out 20 plasticine caterpillar models in 5 sets of 3 locations (urban, suburban, rural). Most of the data have been entered but not analyzed. This is would a paper for Urban Naturalist. I have a shitty record publishing with women and with students. This should go far in ending that. 

3. Urbanization and species richness

  • Two years, three counties, nearly 700 points, over 14,000 bird detections along an urban-rural gradient associated with Columbus, GA. This paper, I hope, goes to Urban Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology. This will have a number of collaborators on it including a GIS whiz and a Bayesian landscape modeler (which I hope to become). Data is collected, manuscript is floating around somewhere, and mostly analyzed. I think I must have some mental block completing this manuscript - this was a low point in my life so I might just have a hard time revisiting it. Still, it needs to get out. That old stuff. Get it out. 
4. ? Not sure

  • Thinking of a review of plasticine/lard models to look at avian predation - needs to be done
  • I should have more data from the clay caterpillar project - hopefully this time with a few collaborators
  • Blue Jays and acorns: data mining project 
  • Urbanization and a bunch of logistic models to see what drives the presence or absence of a bunch of birds

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