Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wake up and look up!

Spring migration has begun for a number of birds. Canada and Snow Geese can be heard going over and they're always cool to see. A few Turkey Vultures are on the move and Bald Eagles are being seen on bodies of water. Some eagles are breeding already and some are on the move. Ospreys are also on the move and you can watch them on Rob Bierregaard's web page
Canada Geese flying over a frozen Susquehanna River.

Small group of Turkey Vultures moving north.

There aren't many passerines moving through yet. Two abundant (or overly abundant) passerines on the move now are American Robins and Common Grackles. Most of them are flying from a few hundred feet to a thousand feet (nice description here) and moving at night. In the morning birds will come out of the sky and forage. I find it awesome and I've only seen this a few time in my life and yesterday I had a flock of grackles appear out of nowhere. Then I notice that they were diving from hundreds of feet up to the ground. 

When you wake up, go outside, look up, and look for one of the great marvels on this planet: dinosaurs falling from the sky. 

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