Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dancing with the Birds

Tomorrow morning I'm doing a program for kids called Adventures in Science. The plan was to walk along the levee over to the Market Street bridge and hopefully see a few local birds. However, the weather has to cooperate and it looks to cold and at least cloudy. So I need a 30 minute activity for young kids. The new plan - I say this cringing - is to dance. 

I love the idea of people acting like completely different animals. Yes, we are animals but every animal has a set of behaviors and transferring behaviors to humans has great comic potential.

So, if we are stuck inside tomorrow, here's a list of birds we should model. The idea would be to 

  1. form teams
  2. assign a video of birds "dancing"
  3. teams practice for a few minutes
  4. each team performs their dance in front of judges
  5. each team gets a score
  6. winning team gets?
Here's the  list of groovy birds with the moves

Whooping Cranes

Blue-footed Boobies

Lesser Prairie Chicken

Red-capped Manakin

Lance-tailed Manakin



American Woodcock

Magnificent Riflebird

Lesser Flamingo

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