Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Research Week 1

Last week the summer of 2015 research season began. It was a slow start with only two items: my Fenner scholar, Amanda S., and I went to Trumbauer Farm in and the Penobscot Bike Trail to reconnoiter and then to the Jacob's Property to see how the gas pipeline widening was going. 

Trumbauer Farm is enrolled in CREP and is planted in warm season grasses and some other herbaceous species. We were there on Tuesday. The place was hopping for breeding birds. Every box had something going on. On the downside, overall diversity is low there. 

Chestnut-sided Warbler - loves edges

Eastern Bluebird nest 

Eastern Bluebird chicks

Tree Swallow nest 

Getting the eye from a Tree Swallow

The next stop was the Penobscot Bike Trail in Newport Township. This is one of my favorite sites - diversity is very high (but I can find nests there). We only spent 20 minutes at the site. The most notable thing was the absence of Grasshopper Sparrows and the noisy Yellow-breasted Chat. Let's hope they show up next week when I'm doing my survey. After checking out the site, Amanda and I went to Coffee's Coffee in Nanticoke - a nice gem in that town. 

Indigo Bunting 
Prairie Warbler 

Tent Caterpillars - every cherry tree had several of them

A souvenir from the site
Then Thursday, we went to the Jacob's property that Wilkes owns on HWY 115. We were there to plant five American chestnuts and to check out the pipeline that was being expanded. 

Dr. Fetcher and Klemow and Amanda planting a chestnut seedling 


Painted Trillium

Natural gas pipeline

Our pond - complete with cranberries 


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