Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Research Week 6

MONDAY 6/15/2015 @ Wilkes' Jacobs Property in Blakeslee

Only seven birds detected. The most interesting thing was the mystery creature that was crunching through the woods as I was doing my count. I suspect a bear. Lots of birds were heard (but not counted) in the forest surrounding the gas right-of-way. Happen to catch of photo of a Veery carrying food. 

TUESDAY 6/16/2015 @ Lackawanna State Park

Another low diversity site. No grassland specialists. Coolest thing was a Eastern Screech Owl that was still calling at 6 AM. There are only two points and, due to a detour, I found another field to survey in the park. This too, lacked any grassland specialists. We decided we're going to wait to late July and August to do veg structure surveys. Maybe that will be telling. It looks like stuff Bobolinks and meadowlarks would use.. but they don't. 

WEDNESDAY 6/17/2015 @ Lehigh Gap Nature Center and Kittatinny Ridge

The morning started at Kittatinny Ridge on top of the mountain. I made it very deliberate to locate by point on the Appalachian Trail. Low diversity with typical shrub species (Indigo Bunting, Prairie Warbler) but what a view! 

There is only one point on top of the mountain and it's a hell of a drive so I added two points in the power right-of-way at the base. Last year heard Northern Bobwhite calling. Not this year. 

Then went on the Lehigh Gap Nature Center. There I picked up Blue Grosbeak (several hundred meters away from the site where I observed it last year). There's a nest reported there too and that's too cool. Hopefully the babies will make their way to other grasslands. 

The crew met me there and we had a great day with the highlight being my first ever Yellow-billed Cuckoo in the hand! Hot dog! 

THURSDAY 6/18/2015 Rain
FRIDAY 6/19/2015 Rain
SATURDAY 6/20/2015 Dead battery 

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