Sunday, July 12, 2015

Research agenda for the rest of the 2015 research season

There are four projects we're working on: grasslands (which is really "early successional habitats"), clay caterpillar, gummy fruit, and barcoding.
  • Writing
    • highest priority is the West Georgia Project paper
    • then onto clay caterpillars: the review and the research paper 
  • DNA barcoding 
    • I think we have the taxa and the locations pinned down
    • We need to figure out some basic protocols: there's an issue when we can't see our ladders (essentially positive controls of known length)
    • Need a miniproject for the WEBS 2.0 kids
  • Gummy fruit
    • I think we need to switch from high fructose corn syrup to all or nearly all fructose as the sweetener 
    • We use three packets (~ 1/3 cup) for every 1.5 cups of water and that seems right
    • need to make red ones and put them out and see if birds even recognize them as food 
  • Clay caterpillars
    • protocols are good just need to do it
  • Grassland project still needs
    • vegetation structure data
    • micrometeorology (humidity and T at all the grassland sites)
    • more food web stuff - particularly mammals
All this in FIVE weeks?  No problem : ) 

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