Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Research Week 10

Normally I would give a daily account of research but this week has been very office oriented. I organized the lab only to be told we need to move out of the old lab (in Stark) ASAP. We have piles of crap and I've just been piling it up in the new lab. So it goes.

Undergrads are back from Nova Scotia and they've been working on clay caterpillars. So I'm excited to see how that goes. 

Talked to a colleague about our issues in the lab concerning DNA barcoding and it looks like we have a stain and pH problem. 

Speaking of DNA barcoding, may have some very exciting news in the next week. 

Working on the West Georgia urbanization stuff this weekend. Been out of the literature for so long I need to catch up as quickly as possible. Going through and updating the literature where I can. I think the manuscript is still publishable - just a question of where. 

Tree Swallows are nowhere to be seen and the neighborhood is mostly quiet. Looks like the second clutch of robins are out and about and Fish Crow fledglings are the only things making noise these days. Detected a few Yellow Warblers in the neighborhood so they're on the move. 

Need to plan to do vegetation measurements soon too. Not looking forward to it but needs to get done. 

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