Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Research Week 11 (7/28)

Not a ton of research done this week. Set up a number of clay caterpillar sites and checked a few. 

One think one thing that has emerged is that riparian sites have higher rates of predation compared to more upland sites. We'll just at that as a factor or analyze them separately all together. 

We keep starting DNA barcoding but have yet to go from bug to sequence. And few times we've been able to detect product. Next week I'll focus on that.

We hosted two Upward Bound students every Tues and Thursday for the past couple weeks and Thursday was their last day. Next year more structure. 

Thursday was also WEBS and I took two groups out to Kirby Park to catch birds. It was a fantastic day. Enough birds rolled into nets that they were processing birds the entire time and no birds were hurt. That's ideal. WNEP came by and ran a story

Red-eyed Vireo

Black-and-white Warbler

Juvenile Baltimore Oriole

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