Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Barcoding meeting: reception

I'm at the 6th Annual Barcode of Life Conference held at the University of Guelph, pinched between Lake Eerie and Lake Ontario. 

Left Wilkes-Barre at 1030 AM and arrived here around 5. Check in our townhouse (think of a classic dorm room but bigger). It's home for a week. One problem: no coffee maker. 

The reception was packed. Posters were set up, the buffet and drink lines were full but moving quickly. Met a number of people and even may have found someone to collaborate with on an urbanization study in the tropics. 

One very cool aspect of the reception: custom beer that had one element of the beer barcoded. Below shows the barcode for the hops (on the left) and the yeast (right). 

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