Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer research week 12

Monday 8/3/2015

Finished off edits of the State Wildlife Action Plans. I volunteers to cover 6 early successional (grassland and shrubland) species of birds and I called for more fire to maintain habitat for these species. Will be interesting to see how that is received.

Tuesday 8/4/2015

Went to Nescopeck State Park to catch birds and set up small mammal traps. Was bloody hot and only captured three birds: 2 Song Sparrow and a Rudy-throated Hummingbird. 

We also need to do tons of vegetation measurements for birds. For me that means structure more than composition (I hope!). Did the first one today with only a few goof ups (like measuring a transect out from the radius and not the diameter so after 10 points there were still 10 to go outside of our plot area). 

Wednesday 8/5/2015

Went toNescopeck State Park for vegetation sampling, small mammals, and birds. The crew has picked up on how to do vegetation sampling so I'm happy with that. We have some 20 small mammal traps out and captured a female meadow vole. We only had two nets out but we captured a Yellow-throated Vireo and a flycatcher that was either an Alder or Willow. 

Thursday 8/6/2015

Last day at Nescopeck State Park. Goal was to finish vegetation sampling at two fields. Done. No small mammals in the small mammal traps. Better luck with the birds. Picked up another hummingbird and we were able to use feathers from the breast that sloughed off. Captured a Field Sparrow at the silo field (there's an actual silo), American Goldfinch, and a Common Yellowthroat. Overall a good day.

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