Thursday, October 8, 2015

A trip to the American Museum of Natural History: Part 3. Dinosaurs

Last Tuesday I spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History and had my Archosaur students in for some of it. Technically, I think we spent most of our time on the bus and if I'm going to do this again I think I'll take a van. I did this once and, except for the Holland Tunnel, it want very well. This was both expensive and time consuming. Live and learn. 

I posted on the type specimens and other birds and I ran through to get pictures of dinosaurs to integrate into lectures. Never enough time. 

Here are some of the better pictures. If I had a complaint about the museum it would be this - so much glare. So it goes. 

Acanthostega - nice intermediate between fish and amphibians

Allosaurus manuss

Archaeopteryx - close enough to dinosaurs!

Deinonychus manus - note the reduced number of digits and carpels

Deinonychus skull - built for ripping your face off

Diatryma - a bird, taller than me and three times as kick ass

Plateosaurus - an early quasi-bipedal sauropod - note the reduced outer digits
Prestosuchus - early archosaur

Gallimimus - very bird-like dinosaur
Temnospondyl - early amphibian
T. rex!

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