Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Home economics: II

One downer about being a graduate student for so long is that you become behind financially - not all of us - but many of us. So, by the time our friends are thinking about a second home or retirement, I'm thinking about living like I have a job. 

The home we live in was flooded in 1972 with Hurricane Agnes and water reached the second floor. We just removed all the paneling and random pieces of wood and were down to the studs. Then the electrician came and the inspector after that. Initially they said two weeks for the whole project but we're in the third week already and we just finished putting up the insulation last night - then immediately went to bed. Who knew insulation became so heavy after three days of installing it. 

The guys are at the house to put up the sheet rock and that is supposed to take three days from start to finish. Exciting just to start the next phase. 

Here's what it looks like with insulation (and you can still see mud on the studs). 

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