Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goals for winter break

I think having goals is a bad idea. Does anyone ever complete a lists of tasks beyond picking up bread and going to the dentist? So this goes against my better judgement. I have until January 18 to get a bunch of stuff done including 

  • Organize the Galapagos trip including a few days in Ecuador
    • finalizing logistics
    • fundraising 
  • Organize the Galapagos course
    • what we read and when
  • Update Biostatistics notes
    • move from OpenOffice to Google Docs
  • Update biostatistics lab
    • need to spend an afternoon turning verbal hypotheses in equations (this is how I approach statistics when I see a problem for the first time). For example, you might ask "what is the relationship between getting diabetes and the amount of sugar intake and exercise"  ->  p(diabetes) = sugar + exercise 
  • Finish the West Georgia manuscript on urbanization and birds
    • intro needs work
    • results and discussion and graphics (ugh).. why is it that paper is so damn hard to work on? 
  • Contact... I totally forgot what I was saying 
  • Update the Academic Planning Committee website to include a clickable flowchart 
  • Send out the survey of undergraduate programs in ornithology survey to start building up a database of ornithologists at undergraduate institutions  
  • Get out to birdwatch four times

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