Sunday, February 28, 2016

Biologizing on the Relay for Heat

I did the Relay for Heat this weekend and it was the most pleasant weather I've experienced for the relay. It was cool to cold but no snow and ice or winds that would blow you off the levee. We logged over 100 miles and I did my 4... very slowly. Achilles is still not 100% (after 16 months!) and I don't want to blow them out before the Galapagos trip. 

I always get a bird-of-prey on the walk and this iteration of the relay didn't disappoint. A Red-tailed Hawk being harassed by crows came by and then at the very end a Cooper's Hawk flew by. No eagles or falcons. So it goes. River was way up so no mergansers or diving ducks but there were Mallards and Canada geese in the flooded woods. Coolest thing was an Eastern Bluebird and Downy Woodpecker fussing at each other. There was a stonefly emergence too. 

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