Monday, April 4, 2016

On deck for the week

Not much posting going on. Been swamped with work. Here's what's happening

1. Finish off Steele's senior research group's statistics. They have acorns from across the East Coast with weevil infestation rates and acorn characteristics. Going to model how intensity and other traits vary over latitude. Presenting Saturday at the mid-Atlantic Ecological Society of America

2. My own research crew put out acorn across an urban rural gradient and looked at the fates of those acorns (eaten or cached) and how quickly acorns were removed from a large pool of acorns. Also presented at the ma-ESA

3. Another crew of mine is doing DNA barcoding of local plants and insects. Their manuscript is due Thursday like the other two above. 

4. Have a review to finish from one of my favorite journals of one of my favorite subjects. 50 pages so that's a bummer. 

5. Need to work on a lecture on model selection. 

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