Monday, April 11, 2016

On deck for the week

Three weeks left of a particularly brutal semester. Last week was all about prepping for the mid-Atlantic section of the Ecological Society of America. We had to analyze data for two projects: acorn removal across an urban-rural gradient and acorn-weevil relationships over latitudinal gradients. Neither of these had much going on statistically but I wrote seven pages of code to figure that out. So it goes. 

On deck for this week:

  • Need to finish off a review 
  • Need to start another
  • Need to send out email invitations to participate in a new project on neotropical birds (I could swear neotropical should be capitalized)
  • check up on a collaborator on the muscle physiology project
  • write more biostats lectures (covering ANCOVA (quickly) then logistic regression (awkwardly))
  • finish biostats homework (should be done today)
  • finish off plans for Ecuador and Galapagos
  • meet with deans and provost tomorrow about study abroad (which means I should probably come up with an agenda)
  • Academic planning committee meeting tomorrow (ditto) 
  • finish off the West GA paper\
  • pressure provost to get faculty training to deal with mental health issues with our students 

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