Monday, May 30, 2016

Back from Ecuador!

I'm back from Ecuador and just starting to get my bearings again. I have about 500 cell phone images and 1000 camera images to go through. No idea how to present them; location, theme, etc?

Overall, I would consider the trip a fantastic success with few complaints. To get the issues out the way they were (1) too much gringo food in the Galapagos - we're in the middle of the ocean and you're feeding us ham sandwiches and pizza??? (2) not enough biology - visited the Equator at a tourist site - would have preferred to have gone off to cloud forest. Anyways, these are relatively minor and I think the five students had a great time. 

I ended the semester giving an exam, grading, traveling. I gave myself two days of sitting around and it ends tomorrow morning. 

I'll put out a series of posts on food, culture, and ecology of Ecuador. I fell in love and I want to get back. 

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