Friday, May 6, 2016

Ecuador in five days

I wasn't going to post anything about Ecuador until I got there. I can't help it - too excited. Five days to go and everything is lined up there. I just need to pack. 

Taking a convertible backpack (turns into a wheelless suitcase)  and a regular backpack. So those will be fun moving around. 

Before leaving I still need to (so this is me mumbling to myself so I remember)

  • let my credit card company know I'm going abroad
  • figure out how to use Verizon abroad
  • get mo money out 
  • pack
  • grade and submit grades
  • buy some essentials (toothpaste, pepto, etc)
  • answer as many emails as possible
  • get student passport data to public safety (they don't know they're getting it - but that's going to one of the policies I start as study abroad director)
  • would be good to transplant my persimmon and milkweed seedlings to their own pots 
  • I'll have to edit this later - no doubt I'm forgetting things :)
Milkweed and persimmon seedlings

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