Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday's 6/6/2016 research: tick-a-rama and wood thrush

Went out to Nescopeck State Park today for some bird catching. That part went really slow with only three birds captured. That's really lame for the effort (crew of 6). Need better speakers because there were yellow warblers and field sparrows all over the place.

We're also collecting ticks systematically (using a tick drag) and haphazardly (on us). On the tick drag (about 75 meters) we had 2 ticks. However, on the crew we found some THIRTY TICKS. We were there from 8 to noon. Crazy. 

After Nescopeck, we had a lead on a Wood Thrush territory just a few miles away. We searched the woods for the nest for an hour and we were waiting for two of the crew to walk back when one of the volunteers found it.... next to the cars. Go figure. 

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