Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Moon Lake Forest: zombies and redstarts

Moon Lake Forest was once Moon Lake Park and this time of the year there would be campers in the lots. The smell of grilling hot dogs and the overuse of lighter fluid. Cheers from enthusiastic parents might be heard from the youth soccer fields and children playing in the pool.

Now it looks like the set of Walking Dead (years ago I would have said Stephen King's The Stand). Grass is waist high and buildings are falling in on themselves. The lake is open and there were a few fishermen about. Otherwise the place was empty. 

I went there with a tech to look for Wood Thrush nests and we turned up one or two (hard to tell if it was one flighty male or two) and we never found the nest. Saw a thrush carrying food but that was it. 

Did happen to find an American Redstart nest. She flew off and scolded us from a few feet away. Cool stuff.  The GoPro is superhandy for nest pictures. Took this from 5 feet away. 

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