Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The moth that makes June into April

There's a joke that you go back 20 years when you pass through the tunnel on the northbound extension on the Pennsylvania turnpike - passing from the more progressive Lehigh Valley to the "what's this recycling about?" Wyoming Valley. 

Today, however, going southbound was going back a few months. Large swaths of forests were leafless and only a few shrubs with leaves. So odd. So bright in the forest. The culprit: gypsy moths. Last year was the Wyoming Valley - this year Lehigh Valley.

Parked at the gamelands and couple parked and they said this wasn't gypsy moths because there were no tents. They were confusing tent caterpillars, which mostly eat cherry trees with gypsy moths, which eat everything. I think I used to think that and it's probably a very common mistake. 

Here are a mating pair of gypsy moths and a female laying eggs. Instead of tents they have fuzzy (and apparently irritating) egg masses. 

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