Sunday, June 19, 2016

The week ahead (6/20/2016)

My main Wood Thrush (WOTH) person is going on vacation so I'm going with him to locate all the WOTH nests. Fun project but the distances between nests make this a pain. So it goes. The field crew is going to state game land 205 warm season. The bug crew is sorting insects and coming up with a plan for organization. 

Then a meeting with the provost, dentist, meeting about getting students to and from Panama. 

Field crew: Beltzville State Park for canopy measurements (look for bobolinks and meadowlarks), Kittatinny Ridge for canopy  
Wood Thrush Go with field crew and look for nests (BSP has WOTH in the parking lot!) 
Buggers some barcoding? if not sorting. create strategy for storage and retrieval (database should have location)

Field crew: Newport (canopy, ants, plants, birds)
Wood Thrush nest search and camera set up (supposed to get cameras at 1 PM)
Buggers Barcoding?

Labpalooza (except for checking WOTH nests and deploying cameras, sorry Seabass). Get samples out for isotopes 

Field crew: Jacobs property (all) 
Wood Thrush nest search with field crew 
Buggers send out samples??? more barcoding 

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