Monday, July 11, 2016

16 newbies

We had freshman orientation this weekend (yes, long before school begins - no idea why) and I picked up sixteen new advisees. They ranged from the students with all 5s (top score) on five AP exams and a years worth of college credit to a student that asked class "THE 100" was... that was "The 100".  I probably would have made the same mistake when I was a student.

We ask students to take calculus and biology even if they scored 5 on the respective AP exam so I'm not sure why they would take the class. Kinda screwy.

Of the sixteen students, I suspect we'll get a few that don't show up for classes. Keeping with past experience, another three won't persist past the first year and another three will leave bio after their sophomore year because of orgo. This leaves seven students. Two of these should have taken the hint and left bio and these might even be the worst students. Persistence and reality often make uncomfortable and unbalanced partners in a student's brain - reality napping until the last moment. 

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