Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pinchot State Forest

Yesterday my crew and I spent an exhausting morning looking for wood thrush nest. We explored a section of... well I'm not sure. If you look at Pine Run Road in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, you'll find a large green section that represents a natural area (note that cemeteries show up as green as well). I'm just not sure who owns it. The signs saw Lackawanna State Forest, the Google map suggests Pinchot State Forest or State Game Land 119. So it goes. 

Didn't find any wood thrush nests despite finding several singing males and some females. What was enjoyable was the landscape: steep slopes with several trees that probably were >75 years old (that's old in coal mining country). The part I searched was near PA HWY 309 so there was a human presence more than I normally see. It made for some interesting photos. There also was a large number of American chestnut sprouts. 

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