Monday, August 22, 2016

Bombay Hook Avocet-ogeddon

Spent last week in DC at the North American Ornithological Congress. Went amazingly well despite being the largest meeting of ornithologists ever. 

Left Sunday in the rain and made it there with a 45 minute break in the rain. Greenheads (a nasty biting fly) were really dense and I was bit about a dozen times the 30 feet between the restroom and my truck. 

There were two pools for shorebirds and they were rocking! I haven't gone through the pics in detail but the obvious species was the avocet and they were there in huge numbers. Damn camera wouldn't focus correctly so not too many great shots, damn it. 

Avocet - they have awesome bills.

Avocets skimming for bugs

male American Avocet


Bald Eagle

So many birds!

Eastern Kingbird

Great Egret

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