Friday, November 11, 2016

Worries about Trump

I read a Facebook post that said we should write down our worries about the consequences of Trump's election. Excellent suggestion. The comment that followed was that 98% of these worries would not manifest. We'll see on 11/11/2017.

Health Insurance 
- 22 million Americans will go off insurance
- increased costs 
- increased suicides (because the mentally ill are not covered and not getting treated)

Climate change
- "business as usual" carbon emissions or increased
- reduction in research (which are pathetic now)
- coal coal coal

- more Hg in air and water (from burning coal)
- more overall pollution from decreased regs

Endangered Species
- lost protection

Public lands
- critical habitats sold off
- wilderness areas opened to development 

Basic Science
- reduction in NSF

- loss of funding
- if Ben Carson (supposedly writing Organ of Species - a creationist text on the brain) becomes Sec of Education - then... I don't know.. but something stupid. 


  1. The US has entered the fourth stage of fascism. The rest is smallball.

    1. It's Facebook but my mildly conservative colleagues from high school think the protesters should be rounded up. Ugh!