Monday, February 27, 2017

On deck for the week: 2/28/2017

Things to get done this week

  • upload review
  • finish other review 
  • start new review (book chapter)
  • update lecture
  • giving a study abroad workshop for faculty tomorrow so need to work on the presentation and think of things faculty worry about
  • mentoring grant
  • put up bird house on campus
  • think about the sustainability document I'd like to present to the WU president
  • schedule a meeting with a collaborator
  • announce the new study abroad grant

Saturday, February 25, 2017

On deck for the week: 2/26/2017

Once again the semester has gotten ahead of me. One the plus side, I think biostatistics is progressing nicely and I've added 20 pages to the lab guide and 20 pages to the text. 

Things to work on this weekend:
  • Travel grants for the Wilson Ornithological. Never fun but always rewarding. I get to see what the newest crop of the brightest and best is working on. Always makes me grateful to have landed a job when I did. Due Sunday night. 
  • Biostatistics for Monday afternoon. I need to complete the assignment I gave last Monday and work on the next. They're looking at vegetation data from my master's thesis published here and here
  • Upload a completed review (nice natural history observation)
  • Complete a review on fragmentation
  • Work on presentation for a study abroad workshop for faculty