Saturday, March 18, 2017

On deck for the week 3/19/17

You'd think with four days off at work I'd be ahead. Never underestimate my ability to waste time. Worst part: did nothing with the puppy.

Things on my agenda for the week coming up

  1. Meeting with provost about study abroad
  2. Meet with two students about study abroat and 18 advisees
  3. Finish two reviews (another one roled in yesterday... ugh) - one for a journal and other a book chapter that's essentially code
  4. Give biostatistics exam
  5. Hone biostatistics lab (manual is now 150 pages.... probably 1/4 the length it needs to be)
  6. Hone biostatistics notes (just passed 100 pages.. probably 1/8 the length it needs to be)
  7.  Think about how to fund a sabbatical in the tropics or Wales - yes, those are my choices
  8. Figure out how to get 4 undergrads to the Mid-Atlantic Ecological Society of America meeting at Stockton State
  9. Give a presentation to the alumni about study abroad
  10.  Work on the Georgia paper 
  11. Give independent research kids something to do

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