Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Leaving blogger

I'm leaving blogger and moving to Wordpress. I pay for the site and maybe it will inspire more writing. Blogger was dropped by iphone and looks like it may be unsupported by Google soon as well. 

I had hundreds of hits on the site recently and most were from Russia!  Not good. I think I had one actual reader (thanks M!). 

The new site will be at https://wordpress.com/posts/concreteornithology.blog


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Things go badly for tree swallows in the box

Time to get back into the swing of things in this blog. My head isn't above water yet work wise and hoping this can help me focus again.

So let's talk about murder. 

When I was at Auburn in the early 2000's a friend of mine was studying bluebirds and she told me a house sparrow had killed a number of bluebirds in the box. I thought maybe this was unique to bluebirds and house sparrows but then I had some 100 boxes with bluebirds and no murders from 2009 until now. 

Until now. 

Found two dead tree swallows and both with head wounds - the MO of the murderous House Sparrow.