Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Year of Darwin 7/1/2014: Why he (and many of us) do science

 Charles Darwin

"As far as I can judge myself, I worked to the utmost during the voyage from the more pleasure of investigation, and from my strong desire to add a few facts to the great mass of facts in Natural Science. But I was also ambitious to take a fair place among scientific men, -whether more ambitious or less so than most of my fellow-workers, I can form no opinion." Charles Darwin, Autobiography

We try to tell kids that science is awwwwesome, rad, fun. It isn't. Not even close. Science gives Darwin and myself pleasure like solving a crossword puzzle.  And Darwin, like myself, has an ego to feed. Not that I'm saying I'm anything like Darwin but that Darwin was like many of us - wanting to leave our mark on the world. 

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