Saturday, February 28, 2015

Conservation Biology Hero #4 Eugene Clark

I had not heard of Eugene Clark but this only shows my terrestrial bias in my reading. Unfortunately, she just passed away and I saw a Facebook post by a marine-biologist friend that linked to her obituary. 

There are many biographies about her (here, here) so I'll just give the skinny on why she was chosen to be a conservation biology hero

1. She was a pioneer. She was a Japanese-American female working in field biology in the 1940's. Despite that she excelled as a scientist

2. She created a marine biology lab in Florida. Research labs are incredibly costly so hats off to her for getting it done. 

3. She was an advocate for shark and marine conservation (hear a NPR story here). 

4. She could talk the talk and walk the walk. She was an advocate and a great scientist. I looked her up on Web of Science and found a number of papers - including those in the late 1990's. She also had a Science paper - the top journal in the US. 

Well done Eugene Clark, well done. 

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