Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 paper #4 Where the wild meets us

Just finished reading "Bar-Massada, A., V. C. Radeloff and S. I. Stewart, 2014. Biotic and Abiotic Effects of Human Settlement in the wildland-Urban Interface. Bioscience 64, 429-437." 

This paper provides an overview of the changes in ecosystems where wildlands meet or are intermixed with human settlement. It's a bit too brief but provides some great material. It asked some of the same questions I did here about the effects of urbanization but provides more insight. Nothing surprising but nice to see the sources: more generalists, food webs are altered, etc. I take from these papers, however, that food web studies are just getting started. Very cool. Ideas, ideas, ideas.

They also point out that invasive plants radiate out from human settlement and the interaction with habitat modification, primarily edge effects, and how that benefits invasive species. 

We plan on looking at frugivory across the urban gradient this summer. We have an army of "poop traps" ready to be set out.

I'm excited for this summer. Should be interesting! 

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