Friday, January 1, 2016

Fourteen years of scholarship

In 2002, I started keeping track of what papers I've been reading by adding the keyword read with the year so if I searched my Endnote files for "read10" I would get all the papers that I read in 2010. Below I graph the number of papers I've read (black) and the the papers I've published (red).

The depressing thing, to me, is the number of years with 0 papers. That would be five out of fourteen years. Hate that. Hard to see in the graph below but I had five papers in 2015. I have at least seven papers I can get out so time to get my ass in gear. 

I had my qualifying exams in 2002 and I read a ton then and that's the giant peak early on. Definitely a decay in the number of papers read but there's no correlation between papers read and my output. I've read more papers in the last two years than what is shown because I've gotten lazy in using my keywords and I've focused on the discussion. 

This frames my goals for the year. Get a few papers out and read more. And teach. And do outreach. And have a life. 

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