Wednesday, January 13, 2016

South Jersey coastal birding

Got out to Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge today at 730 AM. And a frosty morning it was. Where yesterday at Sandy Hook I overexposed everything, I initially underexposed today. Switched to auto ISO and that helped a ton. 

Did the wildlife drive twice. Was really hoping to pick up a snowy owl but no luck. Also, nobody took over the refuge. 


Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser


Snow Goose 

American Widgeon

Then I was off to Cape May Audubon/Lighthouse. Super windy and was sand blasted on the ocean side. Still, there's something fun about being the only person around and the wind gusting away. Usually that pays off with a falcon, or gannet, but today is was just sand in the face. 

Gadwall.. damn underexposure

Hooded merganser

Attacking shoveler

Non-attacking shoveler

Tundra Swan

Drive home tonight was really nerve-wracking. Big rigs were throwing that muddy, silty crap on the windows then the wash would freeze so I was driving blind for 3 or so seconds. Horrible.  

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