Friday, June 6, 2014

Grassland Research Week I

Grassland Research Week 1

Students checking nets at SGL 119 in Bear Creak

Bobolink at Beltzville State Park. This is one of my favorite birds. The males show reversed counter shading: They are lighter on top (the dorsal surface) than the bottom. Most birds (and other animals including mammals, fish, squamates, etc) are lighter below than above. 

Bobolink chasing a female. This field had a dozen or so males and each time a female took flight she was chased by a handful of hopeful males. 

Song Sparrow with a caterpillar that she is feeding young. We found the chick in the incredibly thick grass of SGL 205 in Schnecksville, PA

This is exciting. I am 99% sure this was where a Snowy Owl was sitting and eating rabbits. The white objects are owl pellets - the undigested bits of a critter 
Nope, not sunset at 830 PM but sunrise at 515 AM. The  site is an hour away from Wilkes-Barre. Yea, do the math. 

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