Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Year of Darwin 8/23/2014: Quantitative Darwin strikes again

 Charles Darwin

"on a piece of ground three feet and two wide, dug and cleared, and where there could be no choking from other plants, I marked all the seedlings of our native weeds as they come up, and out of 357 no less than 295 were destroyed, chiefly by slugs and insects." Charles Darwin, Origin of Species 2nd edition

The Origin of Species is a book of awesome ideas and not so good experimentation - at least from a statistical point of view. 

Missed yesterday. Went down towards Allentown to a huge used furniture place, then to get some native plants at Edge of Woods Nursery, then some Cherry Divine wine at Wyncrest Vineyards, then the ALS ice bucket challenge, then some wine.   

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