Thursday, September 11, 2014

Feeling pretty damn snarky over climate change.. (insert swear words before each of those)

Being a professional I have to be professional but, damn it, people piss me off - particularly on Facebook. I need to unleash my inner snark. If I didn't think that some of my students reading this, I'd get really *ugly.

The National Audubon Society linked up with some scientists to find that half of North American bird species are threatened by climate change. They post this on Facebook. The responses have been (in order of stupidity)

1. God is in charge so who cares 

Really? Then he lets millions of children die from shitting themselves, diarrhea, and other curable diseases. What. a. dick. This type of thinking is in league with Tim McVeigh - yea, I said it. And if you don't know who he is, jeeeesus christ look it up. 

2. Climate change is natural so, like, duh

Humans die naturally, therefore, stepping in front a bus will not kill you. This argument is stupid but not crazy. 

3. Arctic ice sheets are increasing faster than ever so, like, you're dumb and stuff

Except the trend has been negative with the historical minimum being in 2012. Then is increased but NOTHING like the levels it was before. So, it's like a millionaire going down to his last dollar. Somebody hand him a dollar and says "poor? - that guy just doubled his income."  Seriously that's how they're arguing people. 

4. There hasn't been warming in the past X years so, like, what are you worried about

If I put a level throughout my house I can show that 30 feet is level. Therefore the earth is flat. That's part of the argument. But also mind that many (I'm too tired to check but I think it is 10/14) of the record years of heat have been recent. So it's like become a billionaire and not making any money for a few years. See... see.. you'd never get rich. 

*But I want to get ugly and I can't - it will come out. Just wait until a creationist comes up to me and says there's no evidence for evolution. I will (&$%  break his %(&$%  nose.

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