Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lacawac This!

Spent the afternoon at the Lacawac Ecology Conference at the Lacawac Sanctuary

Best thing was catching up with John Steffen - we did our Ph.D.'s together at Auburn and he ended up at Penn State - Erie and is working on coloration in turtles. Gave a great talk about it. The plenary was particularly interesting - mosquitoes and urbanization. Something I've been interested in for some time (though I would like to know how that affects birds). 

There were a number of talks about lakes. Interesting stuff and there's a network of limnologists studying lakes in the context of changing climate. Quite clear that North American lakes are seeing the effects of warming. East Stoudsburg University had three talks: an intro to the wildlife genetics lab, a talk about ticks in Warren County, NJ (where I used to hike), and a talk on plant genetics (to do forest forensics!). 

The site was gorgeous. Fall colors were just coming in around the lake. A bear walked by twice and I caught a glimpse the second time. Looked like a teenager wearing over sized black pajamas.  Food was great (wraps and sandwiches). And the cookies... perfect. The lodge was super-swanky for a field site. Must return. 

I'll be back next year! 

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