Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/10/2014:Argument for evolution

 Charles Darwin

"The most firm stickers for independent creation admit, that the fur of same species is thinner towards south of range of same species than to north - that same shells are brighter coloured to S. than N.; that some is paler-coloured in deep water - that insects are smaller & darker on mountains - more lurid and testaceous near sea - that plants are smaller & more hairy & with brighter flowers on mountains: now in all such (& other cases) cases, to me to be most simply explained by species, being only strongly marked varieties, & therefore following same laws as recognised & admitted varieties."  Charles Darwin, Letter to J.D. Hooker, April1857

Darwin is pointing out that there's as much difference or less difference between some species as there is within a single species. So arguing that differences between species cannot evolve is not valid. Take that creationist! 

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