Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Year of Darwin 9/13/2014: The wonder of the world.. in a small garden plot

 Charles Darwin

"What a wondrous problem it is, - what a play of forces, determining the kinds & proportion of each plant in a square yard of turf! It is to my mind truly wonderful. And yet yet we are pleased to wonder when some animal or plant becomes extinct"  Charles Darwin, Letter to J. D. Hooker, June 1857

This doesn't need any interpretation. This is the kind of wonderment you get or not. 

I planted my 4th tree on the small strip of land between the sidewalk and road. Two red maples, a cypress, and a pin oak. Paid $150 for the pin oak but SEVEN dollars for the rest. And there's just something amazing and wonderful, particularly in the dump of South Wilkes-Barre, about seeing spiders setting up webs, unknown insects munching on leaves,  etc. I'm thinking that I'll have bird nests in them next summer. Goldfinches seem to like these solitary trees so we'll see. 

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